A Gypsy Caravan vacation

May 15th, 2008

If you are looking for a vacation that is an adventure, try a Gypsy Caravan vacation. A Gypsy vacation is an escape from mundane every-day life. Imagine handling a horse and traveling through a beautiful countryside while living in a gypsy caravan for a couple of days. If you vacation in Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic you can find this type of vacation.

So how does booking a gypsy vacation work? There are some travel agencies that offer a Gypsy vacation that includes a Gypsy caravan and one or two horses.

Wagons that are made of wood and a stretched canvas are preferable. These caravans are five meters long without the horse and two meter wide. They may weigh up to seven hundred and fifty kilograms. In the majority of places, Gypsy draft horses and Irish Cobs are used because they are very good with children and very calm. A collar harness is typically used.

If you choose this type of vacation and you do not have a lot of experience with horses, you will get a complete introduction into the how a vardo operates and caring for and handling horses. The travel agency will teach you how to use a harness and put it on the horse. You will be taught how to water and feed it. You will also be taught how to groom the horse and look after its hooves and shoes.

Since space is limited on a vardo, when going on a Gypsy caravan vacation, you should bring clothing that is practical and only things that you actually need. Don’t forget to bring wet wear on your vacation since in a few areas; the weather can be very unpredictable. During the summer rain showers can happen at any time. The majority of travel agencies or hire companies will give you bedding to use but you will probably have to bring your own towels during this vacation.

You may want to bring a sleeping bag on this Gypsy vacation. You should bring along a few books and games for the kids. Having a mobile phone on this vacation is a good idea as well in case an emergency comes up. During your vacation banks and ATMs will probably not be available because the routes you take will be clam and remote. You will travel along a fixed route and check into specific stops. At these stops you will find a place for the horse to graze, showers, electricity and bathrooms.

Gypsy caravan vacations are usually run from the month of April to the month of October. The main season for these types of vacations is between the months of July and August. You can book these vacations for two or three days or four or six days. If you are having an exceptionally good time, you can extend your vacation.

A Gypsy caravan vacation is adventurous and you will see life from a different perspective and at a slower pace. You might want to want to take an extended vacation and plan your tour through different countries.

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