Greece the Country of Goddesses 1n7r

March 21st, 2013

As people mentioned the word Greece, you will surely think about Gods, Goddesses, and ancient ruins way back millions of years ago. Greece is much known for its architectural picturesque landscape. This amazing landscape describes the culture and history of Greece. Hey are considered as one of the world’s richest cultural heritage. Greece is actually located at the peak of Balkan Peninsula within the Southeast of the European continent. Greece has a very good climate of tourists because it has a hot and dry season as well as mild winter months. In this modern time, Greece is one of the highly civilized and developed countries in the world. It is well renowned for its ancient philosophical ideologies mix with modern thought of today’s environment. This is the reason why Greece is considered with the most highly educated population.

Most of the travelers start their journey in the city of Athens. Aside from being the capital city of Greece, Athens also represents Greece cultural and historical evolution. This city is long been known as one of the most beautiful city in Greece. This city was named after the Goddess Athena. This city is a hub for many historical monuments as well as unforgettable landmarks within the country. Your vacation at Greece will not be completed without visiting the city if Athens. One of the most visited monuments in Greece is the Acropolis that can be found in Athens. This is known to serve as the shrine of the Gods and Goddesses, but today it is known as the UNESCO world heritage site.

Within this historical city, you can also visit the Spartathlon Olympics Stadium. This place is the starting pint of the annual marathon that ends in the city of Sparta. Other very popular tourist spots in Greece are the Belvedere Palace, Monument of Agrippa, the House of Arrhephoroi, Erechtheion, and the Old Temple of Athena. If you will go for a short rife outside the city of that you will find is the majestic Temple of Zeus. Although the statue of Zeus is no longer located at the place, a quick visit to the temple will also leave you in awe and captivate your imagination. The statue of Zeus was considered as one the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

There are lots of things and activities that you can do in Greece aside from visiting lots of cultural and historical heritage. Greece is very popular tourists destination especially during summer months especially the island of Santorin, Mykonos and Crete. There are lots of amazing and picturesque beaches within these islands. Each island hosts thousands of tourists as well as locals every year. This is one of the best spot to enjoy lots of water sports and activities that will make you wet and wild. Diving and snorkeling is the most popular activities within each island. You will never regret visiting Greece, because it will take you to a different dimension as you roam around all the cities of Greece. This is might be a once in a lifetime chance, so visit Greece today.

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